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Walkin’ In A Dishcloth Wonderland

It’s surprisingly wintry here. Like, “actual wintry” not “Pacific Northwest wintry” (which is where it’s 45 degrees and raining and everyone’s lawn turns a nice vivid green). The snow started last night, and it just didn’t stop.

Here’s my railing at a solid 6″ of snow. It eventually maxed out at 8″ before it . . . → Read More: Walkin’ In A Dishcloth Wonderland

Yay, Electricity! I Love Youuuu!

Electricity: I’m a fan. A surprise storm knocked out the power at about 10:30 last night, and it didn’t return until the middle of this afternoon.

After a day spent unexpectedly offline, I’m hopelessly behind on comments and emails and stuff. Here, have a pretty picture!

Whenever I drive past, I always admire . . . → Read More: Yay, Electricity! I Love Youuuu!

Summer’s End

We had a batch of cold cloudy weather over the weekend that made everyone realize that it’s true, our so-short summer is coming to an end. The weather caused me to dig out my Drops 103-1 sweater, in order to postpone that first fire of the season.

It turns out that when I washed . . . → Read More: Summer’s End

How ‘Bout This Weather?

Hey everyone, lookit me! I’m up way early! This morning I woke up at 4:30 to let the chickens out as usual. Unlike every other morning, I didn’t go back to bed afterward.

I make fun of the Pacific Northwest for calling 85-90 degrees a “heat wave,” but the truth is that nothing . . . → Read More: How ‘Bout This Weather?