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Sweater dreams

This time of year, most people probably don’t start thinking about heavy wool sweaters. But I do.

Spring and fall are when my house is the coldest. I only have a wood stove for heat. In summer, it’s warm enough outside that it doesn’t matter. In winter, it’s cold enough that I load . . . → Read More: Sweater dreams

Twine Cowl: Technical Pics

A few people mentioned having trouble visualizing the construction of the Twine cowl. Which is funny, because I thought it was just me!

Anyway, I took two more pictures outside with a potted plant for scale. Even though it was drizzly and the light was weird and made everything look unreal.

Here you . . . → Read More: Twine Cowl: Technical Pics

Twine Cowl/Cat Pandering

I finished the Twine cowl from Sweet Shawlettes, and I’m very pleased with the results.

This is one of those mammoth, oversized cowls that are so fashionable these days. It’s actually three bulky cowls, twisted together. They are looped through each other like rings of a chain, so they don’t fall apart, but . . . → Read More: Twine Cowl/Cat Pandering

Twine, Blocking

I have finished all the knitting for my Twine, and it’s ready for assembly. But I decided to give the pieces a full soak and block first, because I’m planning to submit this to the county fair next August*.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother to block Berkshire Bulky before wearing it, because blocking doesn’t change . . . → Read More: Twine, Blocking