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    The Dreaded WOOL SPIDER

    The only down side to Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky in black is that if you wad up the clippings, and that wad falls on the ground, then you may mistake it for a GIANT ICKY SPIDER.


    Completed Mittens: Vote to Decide Where They Go

    I finished the Bella’s Mittens over the holiday weekend. With almost half a skein left! This was the last of the Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky that I used for my Drops 103-1 sweater. It’s a bulky wool/alpaca mix, and so affordable!

    I can’t decide where to send them, so let’s put it up for . . . → Read More: Completed Mittens: Vote to Decide Where They Go

    The Yardage Answer

    I’m pretty sure I could have knit both mittens out of the amount of yarn that I had. It would have been a fun bit of stunt knitting. And imagine the suspense! Suspense is good for blogging.


    In order to determine this, I would have had to pick up all the stitches for . . . → Read More: The Yardage Answer

    “Knit Faster” Is Always Good Advice

    I tried to get pictures of the mitten, but this kept happening.

    My favorite comment on the yardage issue so far is “If you’re asking, then probably not.”

    It gets at the heart of that strange sort of knitting Second Sight one develops after a time. That little voice in the back of . . . → Read More: “Knit Faster” Is Always Good Advice

    A Fun Game For Knitters

    Last night as I was finishing the next rep, I eyed the pattern and wondered once again, Will I have enough yarn to knit this?

    I have two skeins of yarn: one complete, one partial. I could have weighed out the partial skein before beginning, but where would be the fun in that? Also . . . → Read More: A Fun Game For Knitters