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Friday Already?

It’s been One Of Those Weeks. The whole thing passed in a blur. I find myself fetched up against the shore of the weekend, squinting blearily, wondering where the time went, and thinking that today should be the day that I replace the burnt-out light bulb in the kitchen, which blew out three days . . . → Read More: Friday Already?


That’s… vaguely wing-shaped, right?

The more I look at it, the more it looks like bacon. Oh well IT’S ART.

Surprise! It’s… Rain!

I had to drop everything to work on the Cash Cow Days project, since it is due on May 2nd. I decided to try and make a turkey hat. It makes sense in my head. We’ll see how it works in real life.

First, the base: Jared Flood’s “Turn A Square,” which has become . . . → Read More: Surprise! It’s… Rain!