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Holiday Weekend in a Tourist Town

4th of July weekend is a bit of a trial for those of us who live in tourist towns. Doubly so for me, because I live on tribal land. (It’s leased property – I’m white as they come.) There are no fireworks restrictions here, and… wow. Can you imagine?

I try to have . . . → Read More: Holiday Weekend in a Tourist Town

What I’m Not Knitting

Trekking XXL

The county fair is coming up soon. I have picked my project (more Selbuvotter mittens: NHM #7) and obtained my yarn (emergency shipment from Two Swans Yarn).

And… that’s where we are with that. Continue reading…


The life of a freelancer is “feast or famine.” Some weeks you laze around until noon, work until 3PM, then knock off for the day – and lie awake at night wondering how long you can hold off paying the cell phone bill before they suspend your service. Other weeks you’ll be up and . . . → Read More: STEP BACK.

Suddenly, A Sock

I meant to mention this sock sooner, but stuff kept coming up.

This is Trekking XXL sock yarn, and isn’t it in an uncharacteristic colorway for me? This is color #78, pinkandpurple, and I traded for it with a knitting friend. I love getting unusual stuff in trades – things I would never have . . . → Read More: Suddenly, A Sock