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    Holiday Weekend in a Tourist Town

    4th of July weekend is a bit of a trial for those of us who live in tourist towns. Doubly so for me, because I live on tribal land. (It’s leased property – I’m white as they come.) There are no fireworks restrictions here, and… wow. Can you imagine?

    I try to have . . . → Read More: Holiday Weekend in a Tourist Town

    What I’m Not Knitting

    Trekking XXL

    The county fair is coming up soon. I have picked my project (more Selbuvotter mittens: NHM #7) and obtained my yarn (emergency shipment from Two Swans Yarn).

    And… that’s where we are with that. Continue reading…


    The life of a freelancer is “feast or famine.” Some weeks you laze around until noon, work until 3PM, then knock off for the day – and lie awake at night wondering how long you can hold off paying the cell phone bill before they suspend your service. Other weeks you’ll be up and . . . → Read More: STEP BACK.

    Suddenly, A Sock

    I meant to mention this sock sooner, but stuff kept coming up.

    This is Trekking XXL sock yarn, and isn’t it in an uncharacteristic colorway for me? This is color #78, pinkandpurple, and I traded for it with a knitting friend. I love getting unusual stuff in trades – things I would never have . . . → Read More: Suddenly, A Sock

    Brown Socks: Complete

    It’s rather a dreary day, and not the most exciting sock yarn. So I laid them criss-cross on the Trex decking, to make it look more exciting.

    (Did it work? Are you excited?)

    As is the way of all socks knit in ribbing, they look kinda pitiful without the sock blockers.

    This is my . . . → Read More: Brown Socks: Complete