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    Yarn Stash Ponderings

    It’s difficult to talk about de-stashing without coming off as judgmental, even though I promise you I’m really not. I’m right there in the trenches with you, and if my yarn stash isn’t as big as some people’s, neither is my budget or storage space. That urge – whether you call it stashing, hoarding, . . . → Read More: Yarn Stash Ponderings

    State of the Stash: Can It Be True?

    I went to my stash page on Ravelry, to look for my next unassigned single skein. And… there aren’t any!

    Don’t get me wrong, I have a bunch of single skeins left. But I have projects in mind for all of them. Turns out that Henry’s Attic Peruvian Tweed was the last skein . . . → Read More: State of the Stash: Can It Be True?

    I Won June!

    Welcome to July! I completed the June socks just under the deadline.

    And a picture of the socks “au naturel,” for those who requested it last time. (I meant to take that picture, and never got around to it.)

    I think I might take a break for July. I have some projects I really . . . → Read More: I Won June!

    The Stash Rose, Even If My Dough Didn’t

    Due to the conjunction of several different factors, my yarn stash has expanded to a startling extent.

    As you can see, it’s at a high water mark for the last two years. Possibly ever! But I’m feeling good about it, because it’s all great stuff, which I bought with specific projects in mind. . . . → Read More: The Stash Rose, Even If My Dough Didn’t

    State of the Stash

    Last year at about this time, I decided that my resolution for 2009 was complete stash turnover. I wouldn’t stop buying yarn, but I would knit or find a new home for everything in my stash at that point.

    I did pretty well at this, right up until I broke my wrist. (Damn chickens!) . . . → Read More: State of the Stash