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    Winter Wins Again

    Now that we have gone through the time change, it starts getting dark at about 4:30PM. Did I remember to take pictures before it got dark? No I did not. This has been one of those harried, exhausting, “popcorn for dinner” sorts of days anyway.

    Instead, I’ll just recycle the picture I took for . . . → Read More: Winter Wins Again

    Stripey Socks II: Complete

    I have mixed feelings about this pair. I love the color combo, and I love the fatter, 4-round stripes. Not as fond of the K3P1 ribbing that I tried out, though.

    I’m also a little vexed by the Koigu KPPM put-up. Once again, I had only just enough to finish knitting the socks (but . . . → Read More: Stripey Socks II: Complete

    Knit Sock Mock Seam

    If you say those words enough, they turn into gibberish. Neat trick!

    Anyway, here’s where I carried the yarn while knitting the first sock. On the foot, I placed the “seam” on the sole, so it wouldn’t be visible.

    I didn’t bother to de-jog the stripes, even though saying that out loud in . . . → Read More: Knit Sock Mock Seam

    Sock Knitting ‘N Flan

    Gings’ suggestion of “Electric Flamingo” (sorry!!!) CarrieK’s suggestion of “Electric Flamingo” seems to suit this sock yarn the best.

    So tropical! So preppy!

    As part of my ongoing efforts to “do other stuff with eggs,” today I tried my hand at flan. It actually went pretty well – which is rare for me, for . . . → Read More: Sock Knitting ‘N Flan

    It’s… So… PINK.

    I’ve never been a big fan of pink. I don’t hate it, the way some people do. It just never did much for me. But when I walked into Apple Yarns looking for a sock yarn that would go with both the blue Koigu and the green Auracania, this Aslan Trends yarn practically leaped . . . → Read More: It’s… So… PINK.