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Sketch Wednesday: Baby Moose

This week I have been browsing Photoshop brush packs, trying to find a brush that I like for drawing. I think I may have finally found a winner, it’s the Ink Brush Ellipse from Nick Zuccarello’s fabulous and free Comic Book Digital Ink Brushes set.

After noodling around with the brushes making random . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Baby Moose

Sketch Wednesday: Night Vale Podcast Fanart

I love the Night Vale Podcast the way cats love catnip. I want to growl and rub it all over my face.

I recently listened to an episode that mentioned “the wolves at the Night Vale Petting Zoo and Makeshift Carnival” and I had to get in on that.

Sorry for the lack . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Night Vale Podcast Fanart

Sketch Wednesday: More Sheeps

I recently watched the documentary Sweetgrass, about one of the last private sheep ranching operations left in Montana. I was particularly taken by this particular sheep, who was wearing a bell. Smitten enough that I paused the movie and grabbed my sketchbook to make a quick sketch.

After scanning it in, I used Brittany . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: More Sheeps

Sketch Wednesday: Grumpy Cat

Surely by now you have heard of Grumpy Cat?

I’m working around to setting up shop doing pet portraits in this sort of modern illustration style. Grumpy Cat was sort of a warm-up, if you will.

(Speaking of creating art prints, 8×10 prints of “Unicorn Pooping Cupcakes” are now available for sale in . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Grumpy Cat