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    A Visit to Gilkey Square

    The town Christmas Tree went up last week. I wanted to get some pictures, but I showed up too late – by 2:30PM Gilkey Square had just about lost the light.

    I think of Gilkey Square as a big boring area, a miniature concrete wasteland at the main “T” intersection into town. But . . . → Read More: A Visit to Gilkey Square

    Landscape With Abandoned Walmart

    (Click for big.)

    World’s Worst Panorama

    Instead of finishing work while laundering all the dishcloths I’ve knit in this batch, and then photographing the dishcloths, and blogging about it, here is what happened instead:The power went out. For no apparent reason. (It happens.)

    After sitting and fuming in the silence for a while, I made a batch of power outage . . . → Read More: World’s Worst Panorama

    Sunshine-y Day

    I recently ran across someone being snippy about wanting to read “a knitting blog that’s about knitting, not about the knitter’s life or whatever.” Along the same lines, I often see people subscribe to my Twitter feed, only to unsubscribe a few days later – presumably because I rarely Twitter about knitting.

    Then again, . . . → Read More: Sunshine-y Day

    Small Town Christmas

    This is a view down Morris Street towards the intersection of 1st. In other words, the heart of town.

    It’s cute, right?

    A close-up view of the town tree, on the park at the intersection. It’s a small town, but we do what we . . . → Read More: Small Town Christmas