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    Sims Sunday: Treading Water

    This week in Simming was pretty painful. For one thing, I felt like the game was on hold until some of the kids grew up (and I could make more). For another thing, it kept crashing, so I had to keep going back to the last save point and playing forward from there. It got so bad that I started saving every 12 Sim hours, at noon and midnight.

    This morning I had a lightbulb moment, and updated Origin. I was then able to play for several hours without a crash. Coincidence? Hard to say.

    Anyway! I started the week by hiring a butler to help out around the house.

    sims sunday

    I also learned that you have to keep up your relationship with the butler, or they may quit. I did not know this before. Which might explain why every time I’ve hired a butler in the past, one day they just… weren’t around any longer. Continue reading…

    Sims Sunday: Welcome to Babyville

    To recap, the challenge this time around is to keep having babies until you get one with the same hair and eye genetics as the mother. We’re looking for aqua hair and salmon orange eyes.

    The first-born son Cobra failed out.

    sims sunday

    Denise and Butters tried again, and this time had triplets. OH SO MUCH CRYING. Continue reading…

    Another Reason Why I’m A Fan Of The Sims Games

    “If a girl wants to see herself represented in video games, she better get used to the idea of being the prize at the bottom of the cereal box.” – Nerds And Male Privilege


    Sims Sunday: Babies!

    A scandalous lack of playing time this week, due to the holiday. And I didn’t even think to give my Sims a Thanksgiving by having them roast a turkey!

    Here’s a shot of Denise’s eye color.

    sims sunday

    Continue reading…

    Sims Sunday: About Face

    Drum roll please! The baby turned out to be… a horse, and a carbon copy of his father.

    sims sunday

    He’s cute enough I guess. I decided to name him “Skeeter,” because doesn’t that seem like the name that a guy in Butters’ outfit would choose? Continue reading…