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    Wonders Never Cease

    Finally, after all this time, I bought AAA batteries. I happened to call my father while I was driving to the grocery store, and he reminded me to buy them at the end of the call.

    Turns out you can be almost 40 years old, and your dad will still have to remind . . . → Read More: Wonders Never Cease

    How Much Yarn?

    I started the Koolhaas project because I had two skeins of Reynolds Whiskey that I wanted to use. Several people on Ravelry had knit Koolhaas with two strands of Whiskey held together. I was surprised at how much yarn was left over.

    How much? I don’t know. I still haven’t bought a fresh pair . . . → Read More: How Much Yarn?

    Koolhaas Cap Complete

    Before I forget, last Friday I managed to successfully capture 11:11:11 11/11/11!

    I finished knitting the orange Koolhaas hat this weekend. There are several things I would change next time.

    I would do the initial ribbing as twisted rib (ktbl). I would probably use the larger needle size on the ribbing, to compensate for . . . → Read More: Koolhaas Cap Complete

    Hat Spirals

    Koolhaas is a knitting pattern that very much rewards those who take the time to learn the chart, and those who have learned how to cable without a cable needle. I’m not a natural chart memorizer, but in this case it really helps to be able to see what’s happening next.

    As you can . . . → Read More: Hat Spirals

    Seriously, Though: Isn’t Next Gen The Best?

    One of the things I like best about Star Trek: TNG, and one of its more under-appreciated aspects, is how calm and rational everyone is. There is very little yelling. Sure, there’s plenty of interpersonal conflict, but most of it is solved through a reasonable exchange of facts.

    In other words: pure fiction.

    . . . → Read More: Seriously, Though: Isn’t Next Gen The Best?