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    Red Scarves, Away!

    The Red Scarf Project began accepting scarves on September 1st. But it wasn’t until this weekend that I finally got around to washing, weaving in the ends, and mailing away the two I knit earlier this year. One Mistake Rib scarf, and one in Brioche Rib.

    The Red Scarf Project is one of the . . . → Read More: Red Scarves, Away!

    Red Scarves At Morning…

    No sales on the 2nd day of the street fair, either. And no food on a stick! It turned out that the food vendors (the fair fare, if you will) were all upscale and stuff. Oh well, the county fair starts on the 10th. Much food-on-a-stick to be had, there!

    I’ll tell you, though . . . → Read More: Red Scarves At Morning…

    Brioche Stitch and Lion Brand Wool-Ease

    I hadn’t planned to do any charity knitting this year. Not proud of it; just stating a fact. Don’t have the knitting time to spare. It happens!

    But then as I was sorting through my stash I realized I had accumulated 2.5 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Cranberry. This is the yarn and . . . → Read More: Brioche Stitch and Lion Brand Wool-Ease

    Color Drama and Brioche Stitch

    Dang, I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress over the weekend, and I keep clicking the wrong thing. Everything is subtly moved slightly upwards. It really throws a person off!

    And what’s with this fad for highlighting things in as pale a highlight color as possible? After the last update to Google Calendar, . . . → Read More: Color Drama and Brioche Stitch

    The Scarf That Wasn’t

    A complicated project looms on the horizon. Which means that first, I’d like to knock out some simpler projects. It’s a good palate-cleanser, and they help clean out the stash.

    Poking through the yarn I have on hand, I remembered that I have three skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Cranberry. (This is . . . → Read More: The Scarf That Wasn’t