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    Oh Socky Wocks… Why?

    I had very nearly finished knitting the first Razzle Dazzle Socky Wock. As you can see, I was halfway up the cuff, and on the home stretch.

    Then suddenly I looked down at them and thought, “I haven’t actually tried these on yet, have I?”

    Simultaneous with the realization that this is my first . . . → Read More: Oh Socky Wocks… Why?

    My Socky Wocks

    It’s pretty great for sock knitting when someone else does the driving. I was able to knit all the way up to the beginning of the heel gussets.

    Still questioning the wisdom of this colorway. It features bands of lemon yellow, green and white faux jacquard, burnt orange, Windex turquoise, military camo, and magenta. . . . → Read More: My Socky Wocks

    Thanksgiving Knitting

    I have a bit of time to kill before I have to start getting ready for Thanksgiving. Most importantly, I will be carpooling down to Seattle, so I have my sock knitting all picked out.

    Not much progress has been made on these socks since I cast on three weeks ago. But that’s okay, . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving Knitting

    Winter Wins Again

    Now that we have gone through the time change, it starts getting dark at about 4:30PM. Did I remember to take pictures before it got dark? No I did not. This has been one of those harried, exhausting, “popcorn for dinner” sorts of days anyway.

    Instead, I’ll just recycle the picture I took for . . . → Read More: Winter Wins Again