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    What Was I Thinking?

    This week it was cold enough that I was motivated to bust open the box of winter knits.

    Whose great idea was it to knit an afghan that’s five feet long, and only two feet wide?

    I also had to laugh when I saw that I hadn’t dealt with the last three loose ends . . . → Read More: What Was I Thinking?

    Week-End Wrap Up

    I was lame and didn’t have a chance to take puppy pictures yesterday. Just wanted to say that up front!

    1. I’ve been working on the Mini Rambling Rows afghan. (It’s Mini because I’m stopping at square 23, at which point it will be “only” 3×5 feet.) Only three more squares to go!

    It’s . . . → Read More: Week-End Wrap Up

    Random Notes

    1. Earlier this week we passed a significant annual milestone! The planet has tilted such that I have to draw the curtain at my desk in the late afternoon.

    I Twittered about this but I wanted to post a picture, too.

    2. Have you seen the Favorite Local Yarn Shops interactive map? Anyone . . . → Read More: Random Notes

    Christo would be proud

    After a few weeks of resting my hands (I mean, except for the part where I type all day long for a living), I’m finally able to knit a little here and there. Which means – heavy sigh – it’s back to the Rambling Rows afghan.

    I have been working on this for my . . . → Read More: Christo would be proud

    Random Notes

    This week has absolutely flown by. I seriously cannot believe it is Saturday morning already. I guess that’s a good thing?

    I have had to knock off the knitting for a while, because my hands have been hurting. (By the way, whenever I watch a futuristic computer interface like Tom Cruise’s little hand . . . → Read More: Random Notes