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Possibly the Final Pupdate

The little ‘uns are not so little anymore. At 7.5 weeks they range from 16 to 18 pounds. On Wednesday they will be heading down to Seattle to visit a canine cardiac specialist in order to get their final cardiac clearances. And from there, they will be heading to their new homes.

I . . . → Read More: Possibly the Final Pupdate


The puppies turn five weeks old tomorrow. They have long since gained the ability to poop on their own, which is nice. But they poop so much more (in both volume and frequency) which is less nice. Their teeth have come in, such sharp little teeth. They are basically weaned, and are eating dog . . . → Read More: Pupdate

The Pupdate

The puppies are 16 days old today. Their eyes opened several days ago, but they still can’t focus very well. They have all doubled in weight, from about 1.5 pounds to about 3 pounds. Their little teeth are starting to come in, which is making them somewhat fussy at times.

Here they are . . . → Read More: The Pupdate

The Darkness

I’m still scheduled to take care of the 3AM and 7AM feedings. It’s disconcerting to be waking up a full 4.5 hours before sunrise. It also makes it difficult to take blog photos.


That’s… better?

A reminder: the drawing for All Hallow’s Read is open until Sunday morning. Leave a comment on yesterday’s . . . → Read More: The Darkness