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    In which I attempt to photograph puppies to scale

    I received a request for pictures of puppies with something else in the frame, for scale. I am nothing if not responsive to my readers’ requests. (Um, except for the drawing. Next weekend?)

    I pondered this for quite some time. I needed something which:

    A. I knew you would have a mental sense of . . . → Read More: In which I attempt to photograph puppies to scale


    By popular demand! The puppies will start going to their new homes this week. Yay! (Sniff!)

    Pants cuffs are a popular item with the puppy pack these days. Since I wear sweats for puppy care, whenever I wade into their midst, I’m in real danger of being pantsed.

    Can’t see it? Click . . . → Read More: PuppyCam


    I’m so close to finishing Drops 103-1, I can practically taste it. I finished and set in the first sleeve last night. (I wanted to set it in before knitting the second sleeve, just to be sure I hadn’t made a mistake. This policy has saved me before.)

    Now here’s the thing. I was . . . → Read More: Sprinting

    Puppy Soccer

    (Or click here to watch.)

    Featuring a cameo appearance from mah poor wee sliced up finger.

    Fave moment: “Oh I’m so hungries nom nom nom OH MY GAWD IS THAT THE YELLOW BALL? I MUST CATCH EET!”

    Your Puppy Moment of Zen

    Random video from the puppy room. (This week they graduated from the whelping box. Aw!)

    Can’t see it? Click here to watch.