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    Polar Bear Aftermath (Rawr!)

    First of all, I should say that even though I have complained about knitting this hat, the pattern itself is really great.

    It’s six pages long, with charts, clear instructions, and great explanations of techniques. I never felt lost while knitting it. (I mean, as long as I remembered to read it.) I . . . → Read More: Polar Bear Aftermath (Rawr!)

    Polar Bear Hat: Finished-Ish

    I say “ish” because it still needs a good, firm blocking. And I may swap out the tassel for a pompom. Oh, and there are about 10,000 ends left to weave in.

    Still having trouble grappling with how long it took to knit this. It’s just a hat, for pity’s sake! A tall hat, . . . → Read More: Polar Bear Hat: Finished-Ish

    Almost There…!

    I had really really hoped to finish the Polar Bear Hat this weekend. I was able to finish knitting the body, but didn’t get to the i-cord trim.

    Every Sunday night I watch the animation shows on Fox (Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, etc). As I have for the last 23 years, more or . . . → Read More: Almost There…!

    Polar Bear Hat… Not Quite Finished

    Thanks for all the great comments on the turkey hat, everyone! If it’s accepted, it will be placed in a local store for display (and sale!) on June 2nd. I’ll keep you all posted.

    When I marked that project as “Completed” in Ravelry, it seemed like the first time I had finished anything in . . . → Read More: Polar Bear Hat… Not Quite Finished

    What A Day!

    I think we can agree, any day that starts with a surprisingly vigorous shedding of blood, and ends with spending two hours at a coffee shop with friends weaving in ends on a hat (and still having ends left to weave in) is a notable day indeed.

    As for the bloodshed, a few weeks . . . → Read More: What A Day!