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Eggs of Dubious Provenance

This morning I heard some odd noises from the chicken coop. One of the hens was working herself up to either a full-on “I laid an egg” cackle, or she was going to crow like a rooster. Hard to say. (They do both. It’s kind of a hormonal thing in post-menopausal chickens.)

Eventually the . . . → Read More: Eggs of Dubious Provenance

A sad chicken day

One of the hens died today. Martha, the other Buff Orpington (blonde) one. She had been acting glum the last few days, and the other two had been picking on her mercilessly. It was bad enough that I had to separate her from them. Last night I put her in Cinnamon’s cat carrier and . . . → Read More: A sad chicken day

Chickens doing chicken stuff

The whole entire world is literally made of dirt, but here’s these three dummies squabbling over the one spot to have a dust bath.

Every year around this time, people start asking if I plan to get more chicks. Since my current chickens are going to be five years old in a few . . . → Read More: Chickens doing chicken stuff

What about the other side?

Yesterday in the comments Gayle asked what the reverse side of Miri looks like. The answer is, “kind of unexpected.”

The color stripes trick the eye into thinking that it’s garter stitch in between the brioche sections. But as you can see, it’s reverse stockinette all the way. There is also some overall texture . . . → Read More: What about the other side?