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    Random Monday

    Oh man, I’m so tired and hungry, but it’s going to be another 20 minutes before dinner is ready. That’s a good time to sit down and write a blog post, right? Pfft, coherence is overrated.

    * I was winning the “chicken sleeping situation” battle, until tonight. Tonight, Dolly managed to work her way . . . → Read More: Random Monday

    Losing A Battle Of Wills With A Chicken

    I know that Gayle is with me on this one, because she has been struggling for ages to get her chickens to stay in the right coop. Somehow they keep escaping. Let me tell you: it is humiliating to be outsmarted by an animal with a brain the size of a lentil.

    My chickens . . . → Read More: Losing A Battle Of Wills With A Chicken

    Chicken Snax

    The chickens are moulting, which means that they have stopped laying eggs, and they look very shabby. I took some video today when I went out to give them some leftover rice. I love how Dolly (the black one) starts by swiftly picking out all the pieces of carrot and setting them beside the . . . → Read More: Chicken Snax

    Why Is It Dark Already?

    Fourth day in a row I didn’t get a picture of my completed sock before it got dark. And there is just so very much darkness at this latitude, at this time of year. It’s 6PM and the sun is almost gone.

    Last night it was supposed to get down into the 30s. . . . → Read More: Why Is It Dark Already?

    How To Confuse A Chicken

    It’s not too hard to confuse a chicken. (After all, this is an animal with a brain the size of a lentil.) Just change something! Anything!

    For example, I recently changed their ramp. From a now-mostly-rotten and utterly concave slab of particle board to a nice fresh and tidily straight length of cedar.

    They . . . → Read More: How To Confuse A Chicken