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The Very Last Puppy Wednesday (And It’s Thursday)

All day long yesterday I kept thinking I was forgetting about something. I didn’t remember what it was until I went next door to feed the puppies today. What can I say? I’ve been kinda overwhelmed today.

This is indeed the very last Puppy Wednesday. As you’ll see from the video, only three puppies . . . → Read More: The Very Last Puppy Wednesday (And It’s Thursday)

Puppy Wednesday: I’ll tell you one thing about this litter…

They are WAY too busy for a game of Puppy Soccer.

Puppy Wednesday: Smiles and Wags

Five-week-old puppies are all smiles and wags.

Puppy Wednesday

I decided to take Carrie K’s suggestion and start Puppy Wednesday. Another problem with blogging about five-week-old puppies is that they are very difficult to photograph. Even using the flash, I get nothing but puppy-shaped blurs.

The only time they hold still is when they are nomming on their dish of semi-solid food. Of . . . → Read More: Puppy Wednesday