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Plain Brown Sweater: Complete

I finished the Plain Brown Sweater and blocked it just under the wire. Well, not quite, I guess, I mean, technically speaking. Since it was still damp when I gave it to its final recipient (my dad). I presented it rolled up in a towel – super classy, don’t you agree?

Later after it . . . → Read More: Plain Brown Sweater: Complete

So… Close…

Look! Frost on the ground – so wintry!

(This picture was taken earlier today. The frost is long gone.)

The deadline is Sunday. I have had to backtrack several times, most recently to rip out the 3/4ths-finished collar because I realized I had done it on the same size needle that I used . . . → Read More: So… Close…

A Series of Tubes

(This post was delayed by many minutes as I had to set up a major search and rescue operation for my camera’s USB cable. My life would be measurably improved if each manufacturer undertook to create their cables a different color, to distinguish them from the rest. TAKE NOTE. And what’s the deal with . . . → Read More: A Series of Tubes

Luckily, Family Christmas Isn’t For Two More Weeks

I knew it was pretty ambitious to expect that the Plain Brown Sweater would be finished by Christmas. But I had a trump card, which I will now have to play: the family Christmas gathering is more than two weeks away.

Which is good, because I’m only about halfway through the second sleeve. And . . . → Read More: Luckily, Family Christmas Isn’t For Two More Weeks