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    A Visit to Gilkey Square

    The town Christmas Tree went up last week. I wanted to get some pictures, but I showed up too late – by 2:30PM Gilkey Square had just about lost the light.

    I think of Gilkey Square as a big boring area, a miniature concrete wasteland at the main “T” intersection into town. But . . . → Read More: A Visit to Gilkey Square

    Stripey Sock at Sunset

    I don’t really have much to add, here. The stripey sock in progress is reclining atop one of the newspaper boxes in front of the post office. It’s my favorite time: about 8PM on a summer evening.

    The sun is just about to set, all the tourists have returned home for the day, . . . → Read More: Stripey Sock at Sunset

    Moo Or Maybe Gobble

    Over the weekend I was reminded of La Conner’s “Cash Cow Days,” which is a thing I always mean to enter, but only hear about after it’s far too late. But not this year!

    (Well, maybe. The deadline is May 2nd. So we’ll see.)

    Every year, artists make cow-related art, and it’s set . . . → Read More: Moo Or Maybe Gobble

    Four Things

    1. I have developed an excellent strategy for times when I post something to an online discussion, and I regret it, and I don’t want to deal with any of the inevitable replies, but I also can’t handle the little “Replies” indicator being lit up. (On whatever service or website it happens to be.)

    . . . → Read More: Four Things

    Small Town Christmas

    This is a view down Morris Street towards the intersection of 1st. In other words, the heart of town.

    It’s cute, right?

    A close-up view of the town tree, on the park at the intersection. It’s a small town, but we do what we . . . → Read More: Small Town Christmas