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Last Thursday I thought I was a little sick, and then I got a lot sicker, and then I spent most of the weekend asleep. Those parts when I wasn’t asleep (few and far between) I mostly spent playing video games and trying not to whine on Twitter. But I did manage to finish . . . → Read More: Socks?

Picking up the pace

There are so many amazing television shows returning this year, it’s a little overwhelming to contemplate. The first round has already started: Being Human season 4 recently premiered. I got caught up this week, which afforded me enough time to crank out some yardage on the second Bed Mitten.

Looks a bit pitiful . . . → Read More: Picking up the pace

Caturday: That was stressful

It’s been long enough now that I’m sure everything is fine, and I can talk about it.

About a month ago I decided that I need the space where her food dish currently resides. I had it up on top of the entertainment center for historical reasons which mainly involved medicating my old . . . → Read More: Caturday: That was stressful

Mitt update, and my small, angry copilot


I worked on embroidering the second mitt last night.


Except I botched the spacing between the rows. Now I have to decide which will annoy me more: not having the same number of stripes as the other mitt, or having a far left stripe that’s crowded. Hard to say.

Today I took Cinnamon . . . → Read More: Mitt update, and my small, angry copilot