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Rainbow Shawl: Final Pics

Finally had a day that was dry, but without someone doing yardwork outside to kick up all the dust. It’s tricky! (I finished taking pictures just as the yardwork dude showed up with his weed whacker.)

Some of the edges of the shawl/scarf/whatever are a little wobbly. And the whole thing smells unattractively of . . . → Read More: Rainbow Shawl: Final Pics

Rainbow Brite Shawl: Complete

I finished this scarf/shawl/whatever/thingie over the weekend. I can’t take it outside for pictures, because there is a guy weed whacking at the overgrown grasses, and if I go outside I will sneeze myself to death. For now, you will have to be content with indoor pictures.

At the end you knit four rows . . . → Read More: Rainbow Brite Shawl: Complete

Dare I Call It My “Rainbow Sash”?

I knocked out another wedge or two over the weekend. Part of me is pleased with the way it’s curling back on itself. And part of me thinks this makes it look like the big floppy collar on a clown suit.

It makes me want to hold it up to my throat and hiss, . . . → Read More: Dare I Call It My “Rainbow Sash”?

Rainbow Brite Shawl Update

It’s getting big enough that it’s becoming difficult to photograph. And it has outgrown its project bag, so I have to keep folding the whole thing up and putting it away in the drawer separately. (The cats are smitten with it.)

Technically, I should be working the final panel. The pattern gives you a . . . → Read More: Rainbow Brite Shawl Update