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More Geocaching Fun

I had really wanted to get into geocaching for the winter months, as strange as that sounds. Our winters are pretty mild, comparatively speaking. But one does get cabin fever, with all the darkness and the damp.

It’s nice to get outside on days when it’s not too bad. And I like having . . . → Read More: More Geocaching Fun

Geocaching Panorama

I haven’t done much geocaching lately. For one thing, I originally conceived of it as a hobby to get me out of the house when the weather is less than lovely, and the weather has been truly lovely lately.

For another thing, as much as I love living in an area so awesome . . . → Read More: Geocaching Panorama

Geocaching Adventures

I have been wanting to try geocaching for ages now, but I lacked a GPS device. Until earlier this month, when I received one as a birthday gift, hooray!

I have been trying it out here and there when I get a bit of free time (summers are always very busy out here . . . → Read More: Geocaching Adventures