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Lava Flow Cowl the Second

I liked this pattern so much, I knit another one just for me.

As with the first one I knit, I added 24 stitches (2 additional cables) to make the cowl a little taller. If I was going to knit this pattern a third time, I would think hard about doing one less . . . → Read More: Lava Flow Cowl the Second

Dances With Dishcloths

This is the same purple I matched with the persimmon in the last dishcloth, plus “Lime Stripes.”

I worry that, with yet another dishcloth (12 in 17 days) I may start losing members of the audience. And yet I am helpless to stop.

How about some chicken news? People seem to like chicken . . . → Read More: Dances With Dishcloths

Liz Lemon Hat: Completed!

After pretty much finishing the Liz Lemon hat, and then ripping it all the way back and casting on again, I buckled down and finished the second version much more quickly.

First, another look at the original:

And now my final version, finished for real and gifted to the recipient, I won’t be . . . → Read More: Liz Lemon Hat: Completed!

A Slightly Different “Finished Sock” Post

All day long it’s been raining and dreary and gray. Everything is sopping wet outside. I kept wondering, “How am I going to put on these socks, and trek out somewhere with good lighting, and take some nice pictures, without getting them soaking wet?”

Because there is a convention in knit-blog-land, that your finished . . . → Read More: A Slightly Different “Finished Sock” Post