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Honey Cowl, Complete

I really like what the Honey Cowl pattern does with a multi-colored yarn.

The pattern is easy, but that didn’t prevent me from messing it up several times. How hard can it be to just do “slip, purl, slip, purl”? Pretty hard sometimes, I guess.

You might be tempted to stop before you reach . . . → Read More: Honey Cowl, Complete

Honey Cowl, Instead

I had chosen a skein of sock yarn from stash – Fancy Image DK – for the Feministy KAL. I wouldn’t have thought of using this yarn for a cowl, but it matched the project’s yardage/weight requirements exactly.

After I gave up and ripped back, I realized that there was nothing to keep . . . → Read More: Honey Cowl, Instead


In less disgusting news, I had a last-minute request for a pair of knit socks for Christmas.

Fancy Image DK sock yarn, quick and pretty!

A Slightly Different “Finished Sock” Post

All day long it’s been raining and dreary and gray. Everything is sopping wet outside. I kept wondering, “How am I going to put on these socks, and trek out somewhere with good lighting, and take some nice pictures, without getting them soaking wet?”

Because there is a convention in knit-blog-land, that your finished . . . → Read More: A Slightly Different “Finished Sock” Post