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    In less disgusting news, I had a last-minute request for a pair of knit socks for Christmas.

    Fancy Image DK sock yarn, quick and pretty!

    A Slightly Different “Finished Sock” Post

    All day long it’s been raining and dreary and gray. Everything is sopping wet outside. I kept wondering, “How am I going to put on these socks, and trek out somewhere with good lighting, and take some nice pictures, without getting them soaking wet?”

    Because there is a convention in knit-blog-land, that your finished . . . → Read More: A Slightly Different “Finished Sock” Post

    Oh, Now I Remember

    I don’t bother to take pictures of socks in progress because the 2×2 ribbed leg looks really silly.

    Although now that I look at it, I think I might have decreased a little too far at the ankle on the second sock. I did that with the Hundertwasser socks, too. . . . → Read More: Oh, Now I Remember

    Feather And Fan Socks – Completed

    When I ran out of yarn knitting the second sock, Judy suggested that I rip back the first sock, use that yarn to knit the second sock up to the same point, then finish both socks with a completely different yarn.

    This trick worked really well, and luckily I had some reasonably-matching yarn on . . . → Read More: Feather And Fan Socks – Completed

    Sir Half-A-Sock, At Your Service

    Here’s where I ran out of yarn for this pair of socks.

    Of all the rotten luck.