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    Stop, Thief!

    Remember how I mentioned a while back that I have been feeding the neighbor’s cat on my porch due to renovations at her house? Just now I heard a series of sort of odd thumps on the porch, which I thought might be Porch Cat knocking something over.

    I opened my front door . . . → Read More: Stop, Thief!

    Misc Notes

    It takes about this long for a dog to give birth to three puppies.

    Thirteen hours, more or less. I wasn’t knitting the whole time, obviously!

    The next day I spotted an owl out roaming around during the daytime. This isn’t too unusual. (And owls can’t get rabies, so no worries there.)

    Can you . . . → Read More: Misc Notes

    The Bungee Cord Mystery

    Kmkat came remarkably close to the truth with her guess that the stray bungee cord is “holding a makeshift gate in place, said gate to keep bears from wandering onto your porch.”

    The back-story is, my neighbor/landlord is having some work done on her porch, which is blocking her cats’ usual entry to their . . . → Read More: The Bungee Cord Mystery

    New Week; Fresh Start. (And Selbu Mittens Completed!)

    The rabies-addled bat hasn’t been seen since yesterday morning, so it’s presumed dead. I feel safe in leaving the house to tend to the chickens without my self-defense shovel in hand.

    The dental appointment went alright, although the tooth and surrounding gums are still a bit tender. The dentist suggested I chew on the . . . → Read More: New Week; Fresh Start. (And Selbu Mittens Completed!)

    Let’s Talk About Ra-a-bies! Let’s Talk About You And Me!

    I had this whole post planned, explaining about the latest problem with Those Damned Selbuvotter Mittens. (I blocked them and everything, and THEN I discovered that I had dropped a stitch on the thumb.)

    But then all my worries were interrupted by RABIES. That’s right: rabies.

    When you live in the country, you . . . → Read More: Let’s Talk About Ra-a-bies! Let’s Talk About You And Me!