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Knitting in a holding pattern

I have another finished cross stitch project I want to show you, but there are workmen here today. I don’t feel up to explaining why I am standing outside taking photos of a tea towel, what does that tea towel say, why would you stitch something so insulting onto a tea towel, and so . . . → Read More: Knitting in a holding pattern

The latest dishcloth, truly a stunning specimen

Like this lobster and this butterfly, this dishcloth is half one color and half the other.

Unlike the lobster and the butterfly, the dishcloth’s color pattern results not from genetic chimerism, but from the knitter having run out of yarn.

Dishcloth surprise

Last week I wanted to bring a knitting project to a friend’s house, but I didn’t want to strew their home with long white hairs. This dog fur yarn sheds like crazy. (It’s fitting: so do the dogs it came from.)

Not wanting to start a major commitment, I grabbed a ball of dishcloth . . . → Read More: Dishcloth surprise

Speaking of Hand-Knit Dishcloths…

I realize that not everyone has the wherewithal or fortitude to accrue a huge stack of dishcloths. Enough that you can use a fresh one every day. This is clearly the ideal, but hey, life happens.

As does Dishcloth Funk, alas. Dishcloth Funk is when your dishcloth smells nasty as soon as it gets . . . → Read More: Speaking of Hand-Knit Dishcloths…