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That’s discouraging.

It didn’t take very long to knit this much, but it still stings to have to rip it back. My knitting time is precious these days, and I hate to have to put it in reverse.

This is my first draft, so to speak, of the Skyrim Dishcloth. Seen here lying on a . . . → Read More: That’s discouraging.

Puppies and Drugstore Yarn

I had the bad judgment to wait until after feeding to try and photograph the puppies. Predictably, once their bellies were full, they fell fast asleep. And it’s a sucky, blurry picture, to boot! Apologies: on top of everything else, I have a cold, too. It’s a rough week.

It’s remarkable how much more . . . → Read More: Puppies and Drugstore Yarn

The Most Boring Knitting In The World

I knit up the rest of that one ball of dishcloth cotton into a cat mat, but it fell a little short, so I tacked on some from another ball to finish it out. I like the contrast, and I don’t think the cats will mind. Then I used up the last of that . . . → Read More: The Most Boring Knitting In The World

Earthquake Weather

Quite a day! I mean, not here, obviously. For once, the West Coast gets to sit back and watch everyone else cope with an earthquake.

Post-earthquake television watching is often the best part of an earthquake. I always rush to turn on the local news stations. It’s great fun watching them interrupt their . . . → Read More: Earthquake Weather