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    Wyvern Socks: Complete

    On top of eeeeeverything else going on, what was forecast for Sunday to be “isolated pockets of snowfall up to possibly an inch” became “four inches everywhere and super icy.” Thus wiping out the many things I had scheduled for that day, all of which will be difficult (if not impossible) to reschedule.

    . . . → Read More: Wyvern Socks: Complete

    Celtic Cabled Scarf: OMG DONE

    I finished that darned scarf over the holiday weekend. Can you believe it? I can’t believe it.

    I should probably have waited until later today to take the picture. Get some good, raking light to create shadows on the cable, make it look all dramatic. But I have a JOB and WORK TO DO . . . → Read More: Celtic Cabled Scarf: OMG DONE


    Buoyed by my progress on Super International Pajama Day, I finished up the second sock over the following week.

    I knit these toe-up, using the Baudelaire heel. I really like the way it looks (and fits) just like a top-down heel flap!

    The heel flap tends to be a little bit shallower than when . . . → Read More: Socks!

    Hardly Worth Blogging About

    Oh, and I knocked out another Easy Hat this weekend while I was at it. This one was two strands of Patons Classic Wool held together.

    (Actually it was one strand of Patons Classic Wool, and one strand of Patons Classic Wool Merino. But I defy anyone to tell the difference between . . . → Read More: Hardly Worth Blogging About

    Another Thermis

    I’m actually only faking it in this picture – I hadn’t yet attached the buttons or woven (weaved?) in the ends.

    For this one, I used twisted rib (ktbl, p) throughout. I like the look better, and I think it will help it stand up better when worn.

    I also skipped the . . . → Read More: Another Thermis