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On The Design

I think the key to a successful design progression is to choose only one part of the design to change with each progression.

That was my original plan for this scarf. One block of stockinette and reverse stockinette checkers, one block of stockinette and seed stitch checkers, and so forth.

Unfortunately, Wool Ease . . . → Read More: On The Design

Digital Cameras Hate Red

I don’t know why it is so, even though I have tried hard to find out. This happens on television, too, if you ever notice red on a news show or soap opera, the red will be vague and bleeding over its edges.

Sometimes it helps to photograph the red thing as a small . . . → Read More: Digital Cameras Hate Red

Hello, New Scarf!

I cast on 42 stitches this time (the previous scarf had 33). Naturally this one is turning out a little on the wide side. But after being machine washed and dried (Wool Ease’s great strength), it should be juuuuust right.

Each row of checkers is 2″ high. Since I like things to be symmetrical, . . . → Read More: Hello, New Scarf!

Scarves I Have Known

You know how it is. Sometimes you’ll be knitting a scarf in a scrunchy pattern, and it’s not quite as wide as you like, but you tug on it a bit and think, “Sure, that will block into shape nicely with a bit of steaming and pinning.”

Well, I was four feet into knitting . . . → Read More: Scarves I Have Known