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    Celtic Cabled Scarf: OMG DONE

    I finished that darned scarf over the holiday weekend. Can you believe it? I can’t believe it.

    I should probably have waited until later today to take the picture. Get some good, raking light to create shadows on the cable, make it look all dramatic. But I have a JOB and WORK TO DO . . . → Read More: Celtic Cabled Scarf: OMG DONE

    Back From The Dead

    The other day I was casting about for a new project to start. Then I remembered the Celtic Bunny Hat: I bought the pattern and the yarn at the Toots LeBlanc booth at Madrona two years ago. That would be great!

    But as I contemplated the pattern (Ravelry/non-Ravelry) I realized that it has a . . . → Read More: Back From The Dead

    The Next Month’s Theme

    I’m just planning ahead for April, you understand. I mean, it’s March 32nd already – April’s just around the corner!

    I decided to call April “UFO Month.” I have three fairly substantial Un-Finished Objects that I’d like to see make some progress.

    Look – there’s one now! That’s my Hundertwasser socks, in the clever . . . → Read More: The Next Month’s Theme

    What I’m Not Knitting

    Now that I’ve finished the toe-up socks (an experiment I consider a success, by the way) I’m working on a new project. But you know what I’m not working on? That damned Celtic Cabled Scarf.

    A lot of people would suffer through knitting the entire scarf, and then post a picture of the finished . . . → Read More: What I’m Not Knitting

    Meanwhile, In Cable Town

    Before I even start contemplating any County Fair knitting, I really want to finish the Celtic Cabled Scarf. Which I don’t plan to submit to the fair, A) because there’s an error way back that there is NO WAY I’m going to try and drop back the stitches to fix, and B) because I . . . → Read More: Meanwhile, In Cable Town