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Celtic Cabled Scarf: OMG DONE

I finished that darned scarf over the holiday weekend. Can you believe it? I can’t believe it.

I should probably have waited until later today to take the picture. Get some good, raking light to create shadows on the cable, make it look all dramatic. But I have a JOB and WORK TO DO . . . → Read More: Celtic Cabled Scarf: OMG DONE

Back From The Dead

The other day I was casting about for a new project to start. Then I remembered the Celtic Bunny Hat: I bought the pattern and the yarn at the Toots LeBlanc booth at Madrona two years ago. That would be great!

But as I contemplated the pattern (Ravelry/non-Ravelry) I realized that it has a . . . → Read More: Back From The Dead

The Next Month’s Theme

I’m just planning ahead for April, you understand. I mean, it’s March 32nd already – April’s just around the corner!

I decided to call April “UFO Month.” I have three fairly substantial Un-Finished Objects that I’d like to see make some progress.

Look – there’s one now! That’s my Hundertwasser socks, in the clever . . . → Read More: The Next Month’s Theme

What I’m Not Knitting

Now that I’ve finished the toe-up socks (an experiment I consider a success, by the way) I’m working on a new project. But you know what I’m not working on? That damned Celtic Cabled Scarf.

A lot of people would suffer through knitting the entire scarf, and then post a picture of the finished . . . → Read More: What I’m Not Knitting