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    Celtic Cabled Scarf: OMG DONE

    I finished that darned scarf over the holiday weekend. Can you believe it? I can’t believe it.

    I should probably have waited until later today to take the picture. Get some good, raking light to create shadows on the cable, make it look all dramatic. But I have a JOB and WORK TO DO . . . → Read More: Celtic Cabled Scarf: OMG DONE

    Back From The Dead

    The other day I was casting about for a new project to start. Then I remembered the Celtic Bunny Hat: I bought the pattern and the yarn at the Toots LeBlanc booth at Madrona two years ago. That would be great!

    But as I contemplated the pattern (Ravelry/non-Ravelry) I realized that it has a . . . → Read More: Back From The Dead

    Down Side to Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool

    I love a lot of things about Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool. I love that it only comes in undyed colors. I love that it’s minimally-processed and fairly reeks of delicious lanolin. I love that it’s basically exactly the same as my #1 favorite, Cascade 220, but at half the price. All of this in . . . → Read More: Down Side to Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool

    I Really Love Knitting

    Every once in a while I have to just sit back and think about how much I love knitting. I love everything about it. I love picking the patterns, selecting the yarn, I even love ripping back to fix mistakes – because you can do that in knitting. Unlike in real life, if you . . . → Read More: I Really Love Knitting

    Waterfall Lace Scarf, Almost Done

    It still needs to be properly washed and blocked. Which will make the lace look a little less lumpy.

    This weekend I had the chance to ask the scarf’s intended recipient if she minded if I submitted it to the county fair. There’s no etiquette guide for that, you know?

    It’s not proper . . . → Read More: Waterfall Lace Scarf, Almost Done