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    The Prodigal Knits Return

    On Sunday I picked up my knits from the county fair. Along with my FABULOUS CASH PRIZE! Did you know there’s a FABULOUS CASH PRIZE? It’s true! And I earned TWO, one for each ribbon!

    (Honesty compels me to add that the cash prize is $3 for the blue ribbon, and $2 for . . . → Read More: The Prodigal Knits Return

    I’m A Wiener!

    I won a blue ribbon for the Waterfall Lace Scarf. Sorry for the lousy picture – they had the area roped off so that people couldn’t get too close. (PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE KNITTING!)

    Last year there was NO lace, it was all sweaters. This year? No sweaters – all lace! It figures.

    . . . → Read More: I’m A Wiener!

    Down Side to Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool

    I love a lot of things about Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool. I love that it only comes in undyed colors. I love that it’s minimally-processed and fairly reeks of delicious lanolin. I love that it’s basically exactly the same as my #1 favorite, Cascade 220, but at half the price. All of this in . . . → Read More: Down Side to Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool

    Fly Free, Little Knittings

    On Sunday I made my way to the Skagit County fairgrounds to drop off my knitting. It’s on the stack behind the woman taking submissions, in two quart Ziploc bags.

    I had to make my way through a group of other knitters who were apparently standing around waiting to stare avidly at the next . . . → Read More: Fly Free, Little Knittings

    Cabled Feather Cowl

    The first blocking is finished. Now I just need to do a bit of damp blocking to fix that top line.

    I wish it was easier to get a picture of this! The halo makes it look blurry, even though it’s in focus.

    Last year at the fair I had noticed that the judges’ . . . → Read More: Cabled Feather Cowl