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    Clarification, And Finished Socks

    Hello, new friends! I wanted to clarify something, since I know that Twitter’s syntax can sometimes be hard to unravel.

    The Star Trek Quiet Book isn’t mine – it is the creation of an incredibly talented blogger named Julie. (It’s amazing, right? Have you seen it? Check that thing out!)

    I’m a knitter . . . → Read More: Clarification, And Finished Socks

    Welcome to November!

    First of all, I doff my hat to those of you tackling NaNoWriMo this year. I did it three years ago, and it literally changed the course of my life. NO PRESSURE.

    Oh and that reminds me that I read Rachael’s non-fiction memoir A Life in Stitches a while back, and forgot to pimp . . . → Read More: Welcome to November!

    The Two-Stripe Sock

    I like these two colors a lot better side-by-side than I did when they were striped together.

    My joke is, it’s still a stripey sock – it’s just two really big stripes.

    Negative Knitting

    I had almost finished knitting the first Stripey Sock III when I finally had to admit to myself that I hated it. These two colors, pink and green, looked great when the skeins were sitting side-by-side. But somehow when I put the colors together in stripes, it looked just awful.

    Time to pour a . . . → Read More: Negative Knitting

    Stripey Socks: Complete

    This is a terrible picture, but I’m too tired to try and take a better one. It will just have to do.

    To recap, these are socks knit toe-up with one strand of Araucania Ranco Solid (green) and Koigu KPPPM (blue). I finally mastered Judy’s Magic Cast On for these, which pleases me. (Both . . . → Read More: Stripey Socks: Complete