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    Mittens: Done

    Last night I didn’t finish working until 9PM, and I only had the energy to knit three rounds before I gave up. So there is basically zero chance I’ll be able to finish the Wyvern socks by the end of the year. Considering the way that pesky things like “working” and “feeding pets” and . . . → Read More: Mittens: Done

    Inside The Mitten

    I’m one of those knitting perverts who likes to see what stranded knitting looks like on the inside.

    I’m hoping to have these finished by the end of the weekend. Stay tuned!

    The Fancymittens In Question

    I was able to wall off a few hours on Wednesday night and get some knitting done on the second mitten.

    As I near the completion point, I become increasingly annoyed at my inability to find them a loving home. Part of the problem is that they’re an odd size. They fit my hands . . . → Read More: The Fancymittens In Question


    Second Mitten is looking pretty cheerful compared to Dismal Chives and No-Longer-Optimistic Primrose.

    I honestly couldn’t tell you why I’m knitting these, or why I continue to knit them. I don’t want or need a pair of stranded mittens.

    I have to confess, I hate mittens. It’s a deep-seated loathing, dating back from . . . → Read More: Mittenesque

    Just Kidding: Back to the Mittens

    The first mitten, she is finished. Wonky, but finished.

    You’re supposed to “continue the palm pattern on the inside of the thumb.” But I had already screwed up enough things with this mitten, I figured one more oddity wouldn’t matter.

    So I punted, and just knit stripes.

    See how the mitten keeps twisting? Not . . . → Read More: Just Kidding: Back to the Mittens