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    Zig-Zag Scarf

    All in all, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. I gave it its final wash and block over the weekend.

    zig-zag scarf

    I have been assured by a cat that “cats make it dry faster.”

    zig-zag scarf

    Good thing the recipient isn’t allergic!

    Oh Socky Wocks… Why?

    I had very nearly finished knitting the first Razzle Dazzle Socky Wock. As you can see, I was halfway up the cuff, and on the home stretch.

    red heart sock yarn

    Then suddenly I looked down at them and thought, “I haven’t actually tried these on yet, have I?”

    Simultaneous with the realization that this is my first time knitting with this yarn.

    And I didn’t swatch, I just went with my standard calculations, which I judged would be “close enough” based on the Red Heart “Heart & Sole” sock yarn yardage and weight.

    red heart sock yarn


    Sims Sunday: Welcome to Babyville

    To recap, the challenge this time around is to keep having babies until you get one with the same hair and eye genetics as the mother. We’re looking for aqua hair and salmon orange eyes.

    The first-born son Cobra failed out.

    sims sunday

    Denise and Butters tried again, and this time had triplets. OH SO MUCH CRYING. Continue reading…

    That Rainbow Yarn

    A lot of people correctly identified the rainbow yarn as being a particularly colorful shade of Kauni Effektgarn. Which I thought was funny because A) I had deliberately put it in the back of that photograph so that it wouldn’t be visually distracting, and B) it’s this, like, whole big thing.

    kauni rainbow

    A friend gave me the first of those two skeins, which was very exciting. After browsing Ravelry for pattern ideas, I was smitten with the Rainbow Scarf which uses two skeins of this yarn, starting from opposite ends of the skein, and creates a pattern using double knitting.

    Let’s just say, this is a scarf that would have a lot of “Pow!”

    I ordered a second skein, and wound it from the opposite end, and even cast on and started the first row. And that is when I remembered Oh yeah, I hate the double knitting technique more than life itself.

    Double knitting, if you haven’t tried it yet, is basically a crazy-ass technique for knitting in the round on straight needles. Instead of knitting around on a circular needle, you knit back and forth, and slip every other stitch.

    You can get some great color effects this way, and a double thickness of knitting. Gayle is working on some double knit socks that look awesome. Two other cool double knitting projects I have seen are the Longcat/Tacgnol scarf [non-Ravelry link] and this awesome Deathflake scarf.

    Down side to the double knitting technique: you have to “touch” each stitch twice, since first you slip it and then you knit it. So it’s as much work as knitting it twice. And if you screw up, it’s soooooooper obvious, and a huge pain to rip back and fix.

    How many hours of knitting would it take to finish a scarf in double knitting worked at 6 stitches to the inch? My guess is: all of them. All the hours.

    My current half-hearted plan is to use this yarn to knit a two-color brioche scarf. And then? Good question.

    It might make a good auction item for an LGBT charity? But I have this mental picture of me handing it to the auction manager and having them say “Sorry – that is TOO MUCH RAINBOW. Please leave.”

    And I would be all, “But that just makes it extra Pride!”

    And then they would say, “That is too much Pride. WE HAVE LIMITS.”

    And I would say, “But you are wearing assless chaps to an afternoon event.”

    And they would say, “Yes, exactly: the person wearing assless chaps is telling you that your scarf is too much.”

    And then I would try to slink away, but everyone would be staring at THAT SCARF.

    And that is the story behind the two cakes of Kauni rainbow yarn.

    Pretty, Pretty Yarn

    As promised, we had a nice bit of weather, so I took some stash pictures. This is most of the yarn I have on hand – not all of it, because I had to stop early and get back to work. But most of it.

    Also I was getting cold, it was only 41 degrees outside, and I started feeling sniffly. Yes, I said that just to make the northeasterners in the crowd feel spiteful HA HA HA.

    (One thing I didn’t have time to unearth and photograph is the 10 skeins of Louet Riverstone in dark brown which I bought because ????)

    Over the months I have cut back from four big under-bed plastic storage tubs plus one big square tub, to just one under-bed tub and two of these big baskets. I bought them on sale at Fred Meyer. They are made of recycled seat belts. LOVE THEM.

    stash flash

    Here is all my sock yarn. I tallied it up (thanks to the magic Ravelry “export as Excel spreadsheet” button). It is almost exactly 1/4th of the yardage in my stash. Honestly I thought it would be a bigger share.

    stash flash

    Arranging it to photograph today, I realized that two of the yarns (the green and gray on the right) might work well for Transition gloves.

    Dead center: the single ball of Cascade Fixation. Why did I only buy one? What a stupid thing. I think somewhere I have a pattern for preemie hats that use this yarn. I need to use it up and be done with it.

    Next up: my stash of dishcloth cotton.

    stash flash


    At one point a few months ago I had NO dishcloth cotton. It was a giddy feeling! (I bought more the next day. I’m not crazy.)

    Now for the DK/Cascade 220 collection. This is where things start getting a little screwy. I will confess that I did not take all of it out of the basket, because I got tired of arranging all the little bits and bobs. All the other stuff is smaller, though. It might not even count as stash.

    stash flash

    And some random stuff that I grabbed from somewhere else.

    stash flash

    In the upper right is two balls of midnight blue Reynolds Whiskey that went with the orange. I have plans to knit them into a different hat.

    By the way, I took a bunch of knitting to family Thanksgiving, and the orange Koolhaas hat found the perfect recipient. It looked so cute on her, and she loved it!

    Finally, my shoebox full of Shetland Fair Isle yarn.

    stash flash

    Cute, right? I love it, because there are so many things you can make with that little box of yarn.

    I also have a stash of smooth DK/sport yarn for stranded colorwork (mostly Dalegarn Heilo), but it’s a big snarled mess that I need to untangle. I opened the container and pretty much thought “Ugh, I need to get back to work, PHOTO SESSION OVER.”