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Surprise! The socks are done.

It’s not an April Fool’s prank, they really are finished.

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And they even almost match!

Opal sock yarn may not be the softest, and I know many knitters prize softness above all other qualities. But it is durable, stands up to being machine laundered on a regular basis, and the colors stay vibrant for a long time. I am a fan.

Sheesh, really?

It turns out there is an inanimate object that’s worse about silently condemning you than a cross stitch iPhone case you haven’t cross stitched: A cross stitch iPhone case that you haven’t finished. I’m walking around like this, and frankly it’s embarrassing.

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I’m usually pretty good at estimating completion times. I do a lot of project management work; I have to be good at this. But I am rotten at judging how long it takes to do cross stitch. I looked at the case in the store and thought, “Oh, I could do that in, what, an hour? Two hours?”

Well, this represents two hours of progress. Still got… kind of a ways to go. (Another, what, hour, maybe? Just kidding.)

Craft supplies: Assemble!

Okay! I have the pattern sketched out on the graph paper that comes with the iPhone case. And I have the floss in all the colors suggested by this online cross stitch pattern generator.

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Now I just need to stitched the darned thing.

Until then, I am using the un-stitched case on my iPhone. It actually looks pretty good. But it is a silent reminder of my ongoing failure.

This week, I stand a good chance of actually being able to take two days off for the weekend. (Not two days together – probably a full day Saturday, and a half day Friday and Sunday.) And I have carefully made no plans for those two days. Exciting!

If I don’t manage to stitch the case by then – which I probably won’t – that’s my plan.

By the way, the weekend after next I’ll be helping a relative sort out some old letters my grandmother and grandfather sent each other during the 40s and 50s. They have just been stored in a box all this time. Any ideas on how they should be preserved for the future?

Not much of a Surprise! actually

Thank you for all of your comments on the last couple of posts. You all rock!

I have finished the first sock in Opal Surprise! and I’m about 3/4ths done with the second sock. Ribbed socks look so… unlikely to fit a human foot.

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I even made some progress on the cross stitch iPhone case. I verified that Shepard is wearing a set of N7 armor, found an N7 logo, Photoshopped it up the way I wanted with the background colors, and used this clever online converter to whip up a basic cross stitch pattern.

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The next step was to buy the embroidery floss. I drove over to a nearby LYS called Ana-Cross Stitch. As you might guess from the name, they also sell cross stitch supplies.

Except that they don’t anymore, they are phasing them out. I made a weird face and then couldn’t help but ask, “What will they call the store now?” (She didn’t know.)

I got skunked on all my colors except white, which I’m pretty sure I already own, but I didn’t want to drive all the way to the store and come home empty-handed, you know?

So the next step here is to get to one of the big box craft stores. Unfortunately, they are about 20 miles away, and I’m not sure when I will have the chance. Le sigh!