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Sketch Wednesday: Baby Moose

This week I have been browsing Photoshop brush packs, trying to find a brush that I like for drawing. I think I may have finally found a winner, it’s the Ink Brush Ellipse from Nick Zuccarello’s fabulous and free Comic Book Digital Ink Brushes set.

After noodling around with the brushes making random . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Baby Moose

Sketch Wednesday: Night Vale Podcast Fanart

I love the Night Vale Podcast the way cats love catnip. I want to growl and rub it all over my face.

I recently listened to an episode that mentioned “the wolves at the Night Vale Petting Zoo and Makeshift Carnival” and I had to get in on that.

Sorry for the lack . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Night Vale Podcast Fanart

Sketch Wednesday: More Sheeps

I recently watched the documentary Sweetgrass, about one of the last private sheep ranching operations left in Montana. I was particularly taken by this particular sheep, who was wearing a bell. Smitten enough that I paused the movie and grabbed my sketchbook to make a quick sketch.

After scanning it in, I used Brittany . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: More Sheeps

Sketch Wednesday: Grumpy Cat

Surely by now you have heard of Grumpy Cat?

I’m working around to setting up shop doing pet portraits in this sort of modern illustration style. Grumpy Cat was sort of a warm-up, if you will.

(Speaking of creating art prints, 8×10 prints of “Unicorn Pooping Cupcakes” are now available for sale in . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Grumpy Cat

Sketch Wednesday: Boxer Boxing in a Box for Boxing Day

Pretty sure this is how that works.

Sketch Wednesday: Deer With A People Face

First, let me just say thank you to everyone for your comments on yesterday’s post. Thanks for both the recipes, and the validation that I am not the only person who loathes potlucks. I theorize that potlucks exist in a terrible nexus of “social anxiety” and “food safety concerns.”

Anyway, here’s the story . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Deer With A People Face

Sketch Wednesday: What I Woke Up To

Last night I awoke in the middle of the night to find this sight hovering literally two inches from my face.

Cinnamon had crept up into the sleeping loft, into bed, and onto my shoulder without either I or Kimble noticing. From her perch, she peered down intently into my face until I woke . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: What I Woke Up To

Sketch Wednesday: My “Arrested Development” Fanart

Sure, I Tweeted this already, so it’s kind of cheating. But A) it was a bad photo, and B) I added some watercolor since then.

The watercolor wash buckled the flimsy sketchbook paper, which is why those lines are all warbly.

I have been re-watching “Arrested Development” in the evening before bedtime. I’m . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: My “Arrested Development” Fanart

Sketch Wednesday: Materials Failure

I have been gearing up to make honest-no-fooling, real-world prints and originals. After agonizing over media choices, I finally picked Bristol board and Copic markers. I have been utterly smitten with the electronic version of Copic markers in the Sketchbook Pro software program, but this was my first time using them in real life.

. . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Materials Failure

Sketch Wednesday: Snowy Trees

This is a doodle I drew while on a long phone call.

I had intended to draw a whole forest scene, complete with boulders, rolling hills, a little stream, bunnies, the whole thing. But I stopped after drawing the first line of trees. With the white of the rest of the sheet of . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Snowy Trees

Sketch Weds: Tired Of Politics? Have A Kitty.

Post-election exhaustion. I think we all have it.

Even kitties.

Sketch Wednesday: Rawr!

I kind of feel like this is cheating, since it’s a sketch for a project I’m developing for my other site. But I guess all’s fair in love, war, and blogging. Also, I had long since spent my lunch time drawing this by the time I remembered that today is Wednesday.

This is a . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Rawr!

Sketch Wednesday: Pandering

Corgis are the darling of the internet at the moment. The bacon of the dog world, if you will.

They sure are cute, though!

Sketch Wednesday: White Horse

A recent update to Sketchbook Pro added Copic marker functionality. I was pretty stoked about this: I have always wanted to play with Copic markers, but never did, because they are too expensive to buy on a whim. But lo, now I can play with digital Copic markers, all for free!

It’s a learning . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: White Horse

Sketch Wednesday: Caffeinated Edition

Last week I found myself with about an hour to kill, and a Starbucks nearby.

In the past I have mentioned pushing myself to do quick, expressive sketches because it’s so unlike what I usually draw. Well, this is what I usually draw.

It’s not quick, it’s not expressive, it’s unduly attentive . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Caffeinated Edition

Sketch Wednesday: Evolution of a Chicken Head

Every afternoon I can, I go outside, let the chickens out, and spend about half an hour either reading or sketching. I always have a small tub of chicken scratch (i.e. treats) handy, to call the chickens back if they start wandering too far.

All I have to do is reach towards the tub, . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Evolution of a Chicken Head

The Sketch Wednesday That Wasn’t

I actually took a three-day holiday last weekend, for the first time in… well, at least four years, since I started freelancing. It was pretty great, although I was very naughty and did not draw a thing.

Instead, please accept this amazing thing as an apology:

I happened to be driving a back road . . . → Read More: The Sketch Wednesday That Wasn’t

Sketch Wednesday: Three Cows

There is a lot of dairy action here in Skagit Valley. I love driving past fields of cows and seeing them hanging out in the broad green pastures, just doing cow stuff.

Sketch Wednesday: Perspective Tree

I have a terrible time with perspective, probably a consequence of never having taken an actual art class. To compensate, I have been forcing myself to do perspective-y things lately.

This one turned out better than I would have thought, but not as well as I would have hoped. (You know how it . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Perspective Tree

Sketch Wednesday, Revised

When I bemoaned the fact that I couldn’t add color to a scanned drawing, Ken reminded me of the existence of Multiply as a blend mode in Photoshop.

I use Photoshop a LOT, but there is always more to learn!

(Also: I know that prawns are not that color when they are alive. . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday, Revised

Sketch Wednesday: Shameless

Totally stole this idea from my friend Robert.

Would have been nice if I could have added a bit of color to this one. Unfortunately I sketched it on physical paper (first in pencil, then inking with a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen).

This means that I would need to actually paint over it . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Shameless

Sketch Wednesday: Alpaca Head

Just a quick one today, a hasty sketch of an alpaca head. I thought it looked a bit bland, so I gave the background a little “zazz” in Photoshop. (Make vertical stripes using the rectangular marquee and the paint bucket tool, then do Filter -> Distort -> Polar Coordinates -> “rectangular to . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Alpaca Head

Sketch Wednesday: Hoo

More of a doodle this week, really.

A terrible choice in pen and paper, from an artistic perspective. But the best choice, really, in that it was the only pen I happened to have in my pocket when I found myself thinking about barred owls with a few free minutes on my hands.

It’s . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Hoo

Sketch Wednesday: Two Sheeps

I sketched this from a picture Gayle posted on her blog of two of her sheeps, Orion and Merlin. I just couldn’t resist their sweet little muzzles.

(I checked with her before posting this. I was pretty sure she would be okay with it, but it seemed like it would be unsettling to visit . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Two Sheeps

Sketch Wednesday: Happy Blogiversary!

How fitting that Sketch Wednesday should fall on today. Eight years ago today I scanned in a bunch of stuff I had sketched, and uploaded it to the shiny new blog I had just installed.

It’s hard to believe how much my life has changed in the last eight years. (I didn’t even know . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Happy Blogiversary!

Sketch Wednesday: Three Hats

I ran into town today on an errand, and stopped to do a quick bit of sketching. Not my ideal circumstances by far. I was standing on a walkway which technically belonged to a restaurant I wasn’t eating at, standing beside the open window of the restaurant’s kitchen where I was sure they would . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Three Hats

Sketch Wednesday: Three Hens

Another exercise in working fast and loose, and trying not to get caught up on the details.

Sketch Wednesday: Eye Patch Cat

With Cinnamon’s eye injury I started wondering if she would have to wear an eye patch for a while. Because that would look so rad.

(I didn’t draw the buildings in the background, by the way. They are from a set of Photoshop brushes that I downloaded years ago. This is literally the first . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Eye Patch Cat

Sketch Wednesday: Weeds

I’m trying to get better at loosening up, being less precise about sketching, and using color in broad illustrative strokes (rather than as an afterthought, like coloring in a coloring book).

This is a patch of weeds at the edge of a parking lot, featuring a nice natural composition of purple clover flowers . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Weeds

Sketch Wednesday: Mouse Party

If you follow my Twitter stream, you may have caught this little “incident” that happened last week. I bought a 50lb bag of scratch grains for the chickens (dry kernels of corn mixed with wheat grains and some other stuff). I put it in the trunk of my car, then went off to dinner. . . . → Read More: Sketch Wednesday: Mouse Party

Sketch Wednesday: Mind The Roses

I didn’t mean for it to be smiling – that was supposed to be its chin. But it was too cute, so I kept it.

Sketch Wednesday: Ghost Kitty

Inspired by last night’s episode of “Fact or Faked.”

In other news, as you can see, it’s official: Sketch Wednesday is “a thing!”

I forgot to take a knitting picture…

… So I drawed you a guinea pig.