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Announcing a new video game spinoff blog

Hi everyone, I am super excited to announce my new video game spinoff blog, No Quarters Required. It’s basically Gameplay Sunday all week long.

For those of you who want MORE video game talk, you’re in luck! It’s over there. For those of you who want LESS video game talk, you are also in . . . → Read More: Announcing a new video game spinoff blog

Sims Sunday: Shuffling the family numbers

Shanita was just leaving the bookstore when…

Sims Sunday

She begged the Grim Reaper for a reprieve, but he denied her plea. Sorry, babe, I guess it was just your time. Continue reading…

Sims Sunday: Scheduling update

I have a huuuuuge workload for the next few months, so I’m bumping Sims Sunday posts down to an every-other-week schedule. Much more manageable for me, both in the time I spend playing, and in the time it takes to write up the posts. I hope everyone understands!

Sims Sunday: Yeah, Science!

sims 3 blog

This week we welcomed a bouncing baby boy whom I named Tate. (By the way, the second season of American Horror Story [Asylum] is fiiiiinally available on Netflix.)

Sims Sunday

Seven grew up into a young adult. I gave him a stylin’ new outfit. I went with the brown leather leisure suit. It spoke to me. Continue reading…

Sims Sunday: A proper wedding

First of all, a thank you to Faye who left a comment on the last Sims Sunday pointing out that the Into the Future expansion pack includes grass rugs which you can use indoors, and garden all year round. I started by building a nice little attached indoor gardening area.

Sims Sunday

Then I expanded to an enclosed rooftop deck. Continue reading…

Sims Sunday: The Sim in winter

Winter means that you can’t garden, because your garden goes dormant. Annoying! Instead, my Sims took up indoor hobbies.

Seven practiced his chess, because his goal is to max out his Logic skill.

Sims Sunday

(He’s playing holo chess, from the future, because it is way cooler than regular chess.) Continue reading…

Sims Sunday: Back to the from the future to the present (?)

Robin was getting pretty good at this “living in the future” stuff. He even took well to the hoverboard.

sims 3 blog

As part of his quest chain, he finally gathered and assembled all the pieces for the key that unlocks the door of the crashed alien space ship in the wastelands.

sims 3 blog

We wandered around and took stuff, because that is what you do as an adventurer in The Sims 3: wander around and take stuff. Continue reading…

Sims Sunday: He needs an orange down vest if we’re going to do this properly

One thing I forgot to tell you last week is that I moved Torgo Pendragon, Robin’s best friend, into their house. And he began immediately flirting with Robin’s wife, who was totally into it.

Sims Sunday

Poor Robin!

Sims Sunday

I decided he could use a vacation… in the future! Continue reading…

Sims Sunday: Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff

I pre-ordered the Into the Future expansion pack ages ago, which made it a nice surprise for this week. Into the Future lets you travel to a town called Oasis Landing which exists in the future.

This huge shiny time travel portal appeared in the front yard.

Sims Sunday

“That’s funny, I don’t remember a time portal being here.” Continue reading…

Sims Sunday: Bad day for a white wedding

Spring came to Sunset Valley, and Love Day rolled around. That’s the game’s Valentine’s Day, and love-y actions are more likely to succeed on this day.

After the maid’s shift was over, I had Robin invite her to hang out. Just to see how things went.

He started by giving her a look that was more “constipated” than “smoldering.”

Sims Sunday

But it seemed to work, because she was totally into him. Continue reading…