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Mitt update, and my small, angry copilot

I worked on embroidering the second mitt last night.

safety mitts


safety mitts

Except I botched the spacing between the rows. Now I have to decide which will annoy me more: not having the same number of stripes as the other mitt, or having a far left stripe that’s crowded. Hard to say.

Today I took Cinnamon in for her shots, and to have the vet check her ears. (She’s been fussing with them.) She was furious with me while we waited at the vet’s office.

But once that was over, she doesn’t seem to mind riding around in the car. She likes to look out the window, and dozes at traffic lights.

safety mitts

A big difference from most cats, who wail pitifully while in the car. (Who can blame them? Cars are scary.)

3 comments to Mitt update, and my small, angry copilot

  • KateMet

    I really like your (her) carrier. I haven’t seen one like it. Do you remember where you found it?

  • That IS a great cat carrier. My cats yowl most of the time they are in the car. Back in the ’90s when Tabby (RIP) was young, we made it a point to take her in the car so she would get used to it. It worked. Junior (RIP) and Bear (dog; RIP) used to ride along in the car when I drove the boys to school every morning.