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Sims Sunday: Shuffling the family numbers

Shanita was just leaving the bookstore when…

Sims Sunday

She begged the Grim Reaper for a reprieve, but he denied her plea. Sorry, babe, I guess it was just your time.

Sims Sunday

After he took her soul, he stood around texting and browsing the internet. This seems disrespectful.

Sims Sunday

Hey, what’cha lookin at? Wikipedia I guess?

Sims Sunday

Anyway, back at home, Summer was pregnant again. I wanted her to have a girl, so I made her eat watermelons. (That’s the cheat. Well, it’s not exactly a cheat. It’s just a thing you can do. If you want a boy, you eat apples.)

Sims Sunday

I love those little hand-sized watermelons they have in Sims 3. And you eat the whole thing like an apple, rind and all. I bet it is delicious.

By the way, how much do you love the newspaper wallpaper in the master bedroom? I got a little wacky with the textures in the Create-A-Style tool.

Oh, it looks like that weird plant is ready for harvest!

Sims Sunday

What could it be?

Sims Sunday

It’s… a….

Sims Sunday


Sims Sunday

Hello, baby girl Tegan!

Sims Sunday

Aw, you snuggle that little plant baby, Seven. You’re the proud uncle. And also the proud gardener. Which I guess makes you her au pair? Not really sure how that works.

Anyway, it was time for little Tate to grow up into a child.

Sims Sunday

He shares a birthday with his father Mortimer, who turned old that night.

Sims Sunday

And into a matching pair of goofy union suit pajamas!

Wow, Summer is pretty psyched about his birthday.

Sims Sunday

I guess she likes old dudes!

11 comments to Sims Sunday: Shuffling the family numbers

  • You should make the plant baby be the heir. How does that even happen?

    • Erika

      Isn’t it hilarious? Plant people came in with the University expansion pack, there are a few different ways to get them. I probably will not make her the heir because like so many supernaturals, they die very easily.

  • heather t

    I had to go back and re-read the last SS post to see how that plant got started. So weird!

  • Is that the mailman helping Shanita beg for a reprieve?

  • JoanneNicole

    Tiny watermelons exist! They’re smaller than that – they’re bite sized…which makes them even cuter! They’re called cucamelons. Apparently they taste like cucumbers with a hint of lime. But they look like grape sized watermelons, and grow on a vine.

  • cristina

    I’m at work, reading quickly and thought the little plant baby’s name was Tate. It made me smile!

    I can’t play Sims because my boy kitty who used to keep me company beside the monitor died unexpectedly at the vet’s. His name was One Eyed Ernie, he was only 8 years old. My heart’s been shattered and most of the pieces left with him.

    Sorry to be a drag, but I know many of you will understand my sadness.

    • Erika

      Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that. I know what you mean, I had a daily routine of reading a book on the couch for an hour every afternoon with Brady, and once he died, I couldn’t read without him. I just do audiobooks in the evening now.

  • Another Erika

    It’ll be interesting to see who Tegan takes after. I recently aged up a plant Sim to a toddler, and, as far as I can tell, she’s a clone of the Sim who created the seed, planted her, and harvested her. I’m not sure which of those actions was the deciding factor though.

    • Erika

      I’m pretty sure the machine sampled Mortimer’s DNA when he used the science station, but then the baby turned out to be a girl, so I guess it’s not THAT much a clone? Hard to say, I’m curious too!

  • doodledog10

    Hey Erika, I clicked on the Sims Sunday button on the top and my computer froze. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but my computer refuses to load that page (every other page on your website acts fine), so I thought I’d let you know in case I’m not the only one having the problem :D (I like to go back and read SS from the beginning sometimes… you know, when I should be doing my homework and such).

    • Erika

      Sorry about that, but I am not too surprised! It is an enormous page that gets longer each time I try to post a Sims Sunday update. I will try and find a better way to do that though, sorry!