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Caturday: Smug Factor 10

Last week I mentioned that I had an even more smug picture of Cinnamon. Here it is, as promised.

smug kitty

It’s a weird angle because she is reclining on my left shoulder, right up in my face. That is what she likes to do while I watch television. Occasionally she taps my lips with her paw, or nuzzles my cheek with her nose.

It’s pretty freakin’ adorable, but the extra weight makes it difficult to knit.

5 comments to Caturday: Smug Factor 10

  • two silver cats

    Smug kitty is smug.

    Also, your tweet about Cinnamon being paged at the tire store was hysterical. Earlier this summer one of the kids I was babysitting was playing with a (broken) CB radio and he handed over the handset said to me, “It’s for you. It’s your cat.” And since then I have had these strange mental images of cats doing normal people things when the people aren’t around. Clearly my cat uses a CB radio when I am not around, and Cinnamon goes for errands at the tire store when you are not around….and she ALMOST got caught! :P

  • But the extra warmth is nice, right? That’s how I feel when the cat decides to drape himself across my head when I am sleeping.

  • Is she facing you or the TV? In other words, which is more interesting to watch?