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Caturday: Is mine. Not yours.

Cinnamon and I are just a few months away from our second cativersary in January. Even though she seems pretty comfortable here, it’s only in the last few weeks that she has started face-marking things.

cat blog

Cats have a scent gland in their cheeks. When they rub the side of their face against something, they are marking it as theirs.

Until recently, she only ever face-marked my chin, and one particular corner of the coffee table. But she has begun to expand her operations.

cat blog

Not only does she face-mark several other corners in the cabin, she has also started rubbing her face against the corners of things which were once inside the house, but left and then returned. Like my shoes, and the grocery store tote bags.

9 comments to Caturday: Is mine. Not yours.

  • It’s so cute when they do that! Our foster kitty has been doing that since we took her in a couple of weeks ago, and it makes me feel good that she’s comfortable enough to do that. Now if we could just get her to stop panicking and hissing at our other two kitties, life would be grand! haha

  • What cracks me up is when our cats face-mark one of the dogs. That’s how we knew Misha had been accepted (and had accepted the cats as not-necessarily-only-good-for-chasing).

  • two silver cats

    Cinnamon has reached the highest available level of smugness in these pictures. Just sayin’.

    • Erika

      She’s PRETTY smug… But I actually have an even more smug picture that I decided not to use. Maybe next Caturday.

  • Your cat stories make me want to get a new cat. I’m ready. Just have to convince my man, who is not yet ready. Thanks for letting me have a cat, vicariously.

  • I would always smile when my cats were doing that, because it looks like they’re lovin’ on stuff. “Looooove you, Mom.” Then, moving on, “Loooooove you, chair. Looooooove you, desk. Loooooooove you, refrigerator…”

  • cristina

    Her face has really filled out now she looks like a dark tiger, and her ears are very pointy. She’s a pretty girl.

  • Xeres

    That’s because she just got them smelling right, and then you took them out of the house, and now they smell wrong again!