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Broken Wings, HA HA I FOUND IT

Last night at the grocery store they played a contemporary lite rock version of Mr. Mister’s “Broken Wings” and I got snarky about it on Twitter.

This morning I went looking for the version I heard. That particular Safeway usually plays reasonably current pop music, so it made me think that it might actually have been a legitimate cover version, not just a crappy Muzak version.

To my surprise, I found that Wikipedia listed 21 “notable” covers of the song. And so many different versions! Check this out, I found:

  • John Tesh soulful sax version
  • R&B pop version
  • Heavy metal version
  • Salsa pop version
  • Latin pop version
  • Contemporary country version
  • Tupac sampled it
  • And yet, the version that I heard was not listed on that page. I guess it was not considered “Notable.”


    My hunch was right: it is indeed a newer version, recorded in 2013 by a Danish prog rock band called Anubis Gate (obviously a group of Tim Powers fans). Here it is!

    All of which just goes to show you, the world is a much stranger place than you might think.

    7 comments to Broken Wings, HA HA I FOUND IT

    • Sara

      My honey has 30 (count ‘em) covers of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” Some are better (The Bobs, an a cappella group), some are worse (Remeber Grace Jones?). I actually like H-Blockx & Dr. Ring-Ding’s Raggae version: “Sing after me: quote ….”

      I think The Beatles “Strawberry Fields” has over a hundred covers available.

      • Erika

        That’s hilarious, I had no idea! But those songs are good, and “Broken Wings,” I got pretty tired of it the first time around.

    • This is in response to your post on “GRR, The French Sweater”. Since comments are now closed on that post I am posting here. I too have been searching for this sweater pattern (in English) and thought you might want to see the almost identical Moussaillon, if you haven’t yet:


    • Mary

      Okay, that version was too uncanny valley similar to the original, I couldn’t finish listening to it lest my ears bleed. I feel officially too old.

    • I listened and though, “Oh, that’s not so bad.” Then the singer began and I thought, “What, they couldn’t afford to put any bass in the arrangement?” Eventually I thought again, “It’s not THAT bad.” Then they would do something stupid, like that pointless guitar solo at about 5:35 and I said, “Yeah, Erika’s right. This sucks.”

    • KellyS

      Annubis Gates, eh? weird book. Something about a timeless guy in spring-loaded shoes.