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Sims Sunday: The Sim in winter

Winter means that you can’t garden, because your garden goes dormant. Annoying! Instead, my Sims took up indoor hobbies.

Seven practiced his chess, because his goal is to max out his Logic skill.

Sims Sunday

(He’s playing holo chess, from the future, because it is way cooler than regular chess.)

Robin kept hammering away at his novels. Once he maxes out the Writing skill, I will have earned a bookstore for the town according to the challenge I’m playing. This is a big thing, because once you get the bookstore, it becomes a lot easier for your other Sims to max out their skills, since they can just read the books.

Sims Sunday

We had a dual birthday party for both Seven and Summer. I invited Bella Bachelor and Mortimer Goth, of course.

Sims Sunday

I would hate to ruin the classic Sims love story, but daaaaaaamn just look at Mortimer! He is, I believe the scientific term is, “bangin.”

Seven was cute as a kid, but kinda dorky-looking once he grew into a teen.

Sims Sunday


Sims Sunday

After both of the birthdays, there was a massive traffic jam in the kitchen. No one could get in or out. Everyone just stood there and complained.

Sims Sunday

Then a whole bunch of people peed on the floor, and everybody left. Typical Sim party, in other words.

Sims Sunday

The college team mascot showed up and spent some time talking to Summer.

Sims Sunday

Finally Robin maxed out the Writing skill!

Sims Sunday

A triumphant visit to the bookstore.

Sims Sunday

That night I accidentally left the gate unlocked on the garden, and zombies ate it.

Sims Sunday

Dumb zombies! Get out of there! Shoo!

6 comments to Sims Sunday: The Sim in winter

  • Xeres

    There’s a youtube tutorial on how to make a greenhouse … it’s cheating, but I made one anyway. It’s awesome! The plants go all winter, and the windows steam up and it looks gorgeous from the outside.

    Sims 2 had green houses. Can’t see why Sims 3 doesn’t.

  • Another Erika

    There’s a greenhouse you can buy from the Sims 3 Store, but it’s really not needed. The only real benefit to buying it is, if you use the greenhouse roof decor over a floor placed above a room, the floor turns invisible, so the roof appears to be all glass, but I’ve also built a greenhouse with just a regular roof, and it worked fine. Basically all you need to do is use the moveobjects cheat to place the garden plants indoors. The plants will be dormant the first day, but after that they should continue to grow. And, if a plant dies and I need to plant a new one, I use one of the Supernatural indoor planters to plant it initially, then I use the moveobjects cheat to move them onto the ground.

    • Erika

      I have a lot of questions about that greenhouse venue, but I’m not inclined to drop $19 on it to answer them. So far most of the things I have bought from the Sims 3 store have turned out to be kind of a disappointment, and I assume their greenhouse is the same.

      • Yeah, it kind of is. You can only plant in the greenhouse with the moveobjects cheat (plant outside and move inside) or with the little planter bowls, and one of the expansions also added planter bowls (supernatural maybe?) so it’s really only decorative.

        The sprinkler thing it adds is decent though, auto-waters without needing upgrading, covers 6×6 instead of 5×5, and has the ability to fertilise all plants with only three items.

        Also comes with a flower thing that drops sunshine things, pick them up, put 3 in the sprinkler/composter thing, all plants under it will be fertilised and grow a stage.

        But if all you want is to plant plants inside, I do NOT recommend it.

  • Do the grass ‘rugs’ in the Into the Future expansion enable indoor gardening? The Oasis Landing buildings all have outdoor plants on the stuff, on top of buildings and indoors.

    Not sure if they work for the gardening skill plants, though. Or if that sort of indoor garden even keeps them from going dormant in cold weather.

    • Erika

      YES THEY DO. Thank you for that – I hadn’t noticed them. They are listed under Decor -> Rugs. And yes, I have been able to plant on them inside. Sweet!