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Caturday: Is it possible to be a crazy cat lady if you only have one cat?

It is a sad Caturday as we bid farewell to Rachael’s cat Digit. I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t even read that blog post. I heard about it on Twitter and that’s more than I can bear, having so recently lost my two guys at 17 and 18, after having had them since kittens. It was one and two years ago, but it still feels recent.

Cinnamon is mad at me, because my sweatshirt zipper broke, and I still haven’t gotten around to replacing it.

No zipper means she can’t insist on being zipped into it on cold mornings while I work.

cat belly


In my defense, it keeps me warm too.

The other day I started off an anecdote by saying, “We were watching The Walking Dead and…”

Translation? “My cat and I were watching The Walking Dead and…”

Or I guess if you want to be technical about it, “I was watching The Walking Dead and my cat was there too…”

What can I say? I feel we are a “we.”

10 comments to Caturday: Is it possible to be a crazy cat lady if you only have one cat?

  • onionslicer

    dammit, who’s slicing onions in here? having tragically and traumatically lost the feline love of my life earlier this year, i can’t read stories about pets dying. but i feel compelled to anyway. i have my new little stinker sitting next to me tho. i am throughly smitten with him.

  • Northmoon

    Of course you’re a ‘we’. Love that Cinnamon gets inside your sweatshirt and keeps you company while you work or watch TV. My cats are family too, they each have a personality, and definite expectations about how things should be done around the house.

    Most of my pants have little pulls on the right thigh because one of my cats always has to sit on my lap when I check Facebook as soon as I get home. I try to remember to change out of my work clothes!

  • For whatever it’s worth, I’ve realized that I’m far more likely to refer to myself + my cat(s) or myself + my dog as “we” than I am myself + my child, or myself + my partner. I’m not sure what that says about me, but there you go!

  • I don’t suppose she’s patient enough to wait for you to safety pin the sweatshirt closed…?

    • Erika

      No, and I’m pretty annoyed at her about the broken zipper in the first place. I’m pretty sure it would be fine if it wasn’t always having to strain against the weight of a cat!

  • Do you have any fleece vests? Or baste/pin your sweatshirt into a pullover configuration. Jumper (10 lbs of opinionated Siamese mix) likes pretending to be a 3rd mammary in mine, and will enter from the waist or armhole without zipper action. Get ye to the thrift store for bundling garments!! And, no, you are not a crazy cat lady (yet). LOL

  • Cats = heat-seeking mammals.

  • KellyS

    one of our two felines watches D play grand theft auto. gets all close to the screen and everythin

  • Sara

    Laurie from Itty Bitty Kitty Committee says the minimum varies from state to state, but here in Washington it’s 13.

    On the other hand, the principle difference between a Cat Lady and a Crazy Cat Lady is that one is crazy. Clearly, if you’re already crazy, the minimum does not apply.


  • Crazy cat ladyhood is a badge of attitude, and membership in the club is voluntary. Lemme know if you wants, I can connect you with the local chapter. My kitties decided to move on about 2 years ago and I haven’t as yet been readopted, but I’m still a member. <3