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What about the other side?

Yesterday in the comments Gayle asked what the reverse side of Miri looks like. The answer is, “kind of unexpected.”

miri cowl

The color stripes trick the eye into thinking that it’s garter stitch in between the brioche sections. But as you can see, it’s reverse stockinette all the way. There is also some overall texture happening because you increase every fourth round, then decrease all around in between each color section.

I managed to slip outside in between rain storms today and catch some pictures. (Although the light still wasn’t great… but in winter here, you work with what you get.) Here’s a better picture of the fronts.

miri cowl

By the way, I found this interesting brioche scarf pattern on Ravelry the other day, if you want to try brioche in a more limited fashion. BRIOCHE MADNESS.

molting chickens

In chicken news, the chickens are molting. I fail to understand why they lose all their feathers in October/November rather than July/August, but that’s just me.

Poor Dolly and her little bald head!

3 comments to What about the other side?

  • My normal-sized chicken (unknown breed) started molting today, leaving tail and flight feathers all over! The bantam chicken is done already, having started in early September. I think they’re done laying until spring.

    Sort of off-topic, but do you or your readers have favorite slipper patterns for kids ages 5 to 10? TIA!

  • heather t

    New project: chicken hats!

  • You’re right – definitely unexpected. But pretty.

    Yeah, chickens molting in late fall always seems like a hugely bad idea. Ours have sometimes ended up standing bald in the snow…