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Knitting in a holding pattern

I have another finished cross stitch project I want to show you, but there are workmen here today. I don’t feel up to explaining why I am standing outside taking photos of a tea towel, what does that tea towel say, why would you stitch something so insulting onto a tea towel, and so forth.

In the mean time, you will have to be satisfied with a crappy picture of two new dishcloths. For now.


I received a large Amazon shipment about two weeks ago. Cinnamon enjoyed the box at first. Then she ignored it. I moved it into the corner of the room so I wouldn’t trip over it. She still ignored it. I have been planning to break it down and take it to the recycling center, but I haven’t gotten round to it.

This morning I was after something behind the box, so I moved it into the middle of the floor.


I guess it has the right cat feng shui now, because she has been in it all day.

3 comments to Knitting in a holding pattern

  • Northmoon

    Sometimes cats just intuitively know when sitting in the box would cause the most inconvenience. Assuming you’re like me and can’t bring yourself to just dump them out. I always have a few boxes around my apartment for the cats!

  • Not that cats are weird or anything…
    Will be waiting on pins and needles (heehee) for the Big Reveal of the new cross-stitch!

  • Those workmen certainly are nosy, aren’t they?