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What to do, what to do

After finishing the last project, I was browsing my Ravelry Stash page trying to decide on the next one.

I stopped, once again, and considered the 1.75 skeins of Cascade 220 I have in Christmas Red.

Once again I asked myself, “Why did I buy so much?” and “How big did I think the hat was going to be?”

Once again I asked myself, “What can I knit with that much screaming red yarn?”

But this time, the answer came to me in a flash. The Red Scarf Project! It seems like an obvious choice in hindsight.

red scarf

This is Easiest Farrow Rib which is basically just a three-stitch Mistake Rib. Super simple.

Here’s something I wish someone had told me when I started spinning: Keep an eye on your vacuum cleaner. Today I flipped it over to pull out a jam, and I was startled at the volume and assortment of fiber clogging the bristles.

I reminisced about many spinning projects gone by as I cut and wrestled it all off the bristle roll. Once I was done, the vacuum’s performance was greatly enhanced.

2 comments to What to do, what to do

  • I am an expert in taking my vacuum apart and cleaning the roller and the clogged intake. Seems like I have to do that every damned time I vacuum. Perhaps that is because we have many long-haired critters and I only vacuum about once every 7 years. Whether it needs it or not.

    Fast progress on that scarf!

  • two silver cats

    I am right there with you, kmkat. One of my least favorite household chores is vacuuming, but one of my favorites is cleaning out the rollers and the intake (and if I get far too into it, cleaning the hairs that wrap around the wheels). I dunno…. it’s just a very satisfying job. Unpleasant, sure, but satisfying.

    (I feel the same way about plunging clogged toilets and getting hair out of drain traps. I often wonder if there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with me.)