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    You know what yarn stores need to start selling?


    I am getting heartily tired of crossing the room and booting up my computer just to use the calculator. (But I do love my new keyboard’s “calculator” button.)

    3 comments to You know what yarn stores need to start selling?

    • They make a special “Quilter’s calculator” for quilting – which, if I understand right, can actually figure up yardage of fabric needed for things like binding and however-many patches of a particular size.

      Perhaps some smart person needs to start figuring up what features would be good on a special “knitter’s calculator.” I could see an automatic yards to meters conversion button, and maybe ways to calculate yardage based on gauge….

    • Patti

      You don’t need a calculator to take pictures of puppies.

    • Karen

      Cell phones usually have calculators or do you need something fancier than that?

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