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Dishcloth surprise

Last week I wanted to bring a knitting project to a friend’s house, but I didn’t want to strew their home with long white hairs. This dog fur yarn sheds like crazy. (It’s fitting: so do the dogs it came from.)

Not wanting to start a major commitment, I grabbed a ball of dishcloth cotton and my trusty #3 straight needles.

This is the standard “Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth” pattern. I use #3 needles to get a tight fabric, and increase until I have 48-50 stitches on the needles.

I like to have a lot of dishcloths, so that each one gets a rest in between uses. I don’t have a dishwasher, so I use a dishcloth every day. I had quite a lot of them at one point, but their numbers have been reduced due to the normal sources of dishcloth attrition.

Last weekend I found myself at a candle store at the mall, and it got me thinking that we need a word like “cacophony” but for smells.

4 comments to Dishcloth surprise

  • gabes

    You know, I just read the post before this, which is awesome,and then I read this with your question about cacophony for smells, and this blog just keeps delivering! so just wanted to let you know. And if it means anything yours is the only blog i comment on at all. And I love reading fics too! there are people writing and there are those of us with our cups of tea reading it all up:) so I like to think we are the professional enjoyers sort of counteracting the professional negative nellie criticizers!

  • Sara

    “Ca-cough-ony,” or maybe “caca-cough-ony,” if it’s all artificial smells (like, say, cinnamon-scented pine cones).

  • “…dishcloth attrition…” I love it!

  • kt